Do you still draw? Cuz you haven't updated your art blog in like 4 months and I'm really interested in your comic :'(

hey im sorry i just saw this now! i dont use that art blog anymore really but i might move it over to my new main and try to use it more often. unfortunately school takes up a lot of my time so i dont know if/when i’ll get a chance to update that comic :( i really do appreciate the interest though!

i am a mentally ill teen with trauma, please help me save up towards leaving a toxic environment


hello my name is ns and i am 17 years old and genderqueer; i have various mental health issues (ask if you want details i guess), i had a nervous breakdown when i was 12 that forced me to leave school, i was neglected and emotionally abused as a child, and i need a place to recover from these things and begin to move on. the place i currently am is 100% not it. explicit (somewhat long-winded) details are at the end of the post but uh first things first

i cant have a paypal of my own but my boyfriend julian has very kindly given me use of his for this, it is and all he asks is that any money sent to it is noted as being for me (or i know how much it is exactly) so that he knows not to do anything with it. in case anyone wants to know: apart from being kind of poor there are reasons i wouldnt be able to save up money of my own right now long-term even if i had it, reasons included under the readmore, plus i really fucking resent asking for money for nothing but being in this environment that i am kills my drive for more or less everything and even if im not a bad writer commissions are honestly out of the question right now

sorry if this isnt written very well by the way i havent really done a post like this before and im winging it a little. but here we go

warning for #money, #gaslighting, #transphobia, #suicide, #alcohol, #unsanitary, #self-harm, #abandonment, #animal abuse, #trans fetishism, #abuse, #rape (has not happened to me, just discussion of it), #disordered eating + #weight talk, #school

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i remade.. hmu if you want the url but be warned its a mess right now

im probably gonna remake lol

how do you not be stressed out over every tiny thing 


don’t look at me


At the beach :) #summer2011 #nomakeup


At the beach :) #summer2011 #nomakeup


-The Free!dom currently

Has anyone done this yet?