I totally trust your identity as a forest-spirit dog but I'm a bit skeptical on people who identify as mythical creatures or other things that frankly I don't think are real? What are your feels on this subject Seth because I am feeling like a big mean person for my opinions right now

hmm ok well here are my thoughts on this! you dont have to believe a certain creature or entity is real to be respectful of someones else identity. i have two guidelines for ~identity~ in general:

  • is the being hurting themselves by identifying as x?
  • is the being hurting other people by identifying as x?

even if someone identifies as a unicorn or dragon or something theyre not hurting you or themself so its ok!! (even if someone identifies as a unicorn and is going around like, punching people that still has nothing to do w their otherkinness its just them being an Asshat)

so yea just dont be overtly rude about it (going “WELL I DONT BELIEVE IN X BUT YOURE PRETTY OK I GUESS” is sort of backhanded and Not Cool) and just remember theyre a nice being who is just sitting around minding their own business !! nobody likes being shat on for their identity/spiritual beliefs especially if theyre not harmful so just dont be an ass about it and everything will be ok

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