dont know where to put htis so i guess here is ok ?? kinfeelings, #tmi nasties

ive noticed that the times i feel the most species dysphoric and wanting to actually have a muzzle and sharp canine teeth is when im hungry, angry or having sex ?????

when im hungry i just want to rip open like a garbage bag and rummage through it and tear things apart with my teeth but not having a muzzle really blows because stuff just ends up all over your face and it gross!!! when im angry its a similar feeling i just want to snarl and it makes me so angry that i cant produce the right sounds, its gay but sometimes i get legitimately annoyed that i cant bark or growl or bare my teeth properly

when were banging sometimes dave asks me to bite him and i get Really Primal feelings every time, especially when my mouth closes around his windpipe and i can feel it pressing against my teeth wow….. when i bite the space between his neck and shoulders too i sometimes just want to tear a huge chunk out WOW this si gay dont read this anymore

itd just be really cool to have all my pointy chompers instead of just the four

  1. frystavirki said: i’m sorry that must feel groce :c i wouldn’t know how sex would interact with my trans stuff but i know i get the most upset about having stupid boobs when they’re hurting me (all the time anymore :CCCC) i wish i had kin experience so i could help
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